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Thks accélérateur de bienveillance

ThKs is the collaborative experience
in the service of customer satisfaction.

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ThKs, but what is it exactly ?

“ThKs”, to say thank you, is a trusted third party, a SAAS platform, user-friendly that allows employees to receive personalized customer feedback.

  • These customer feedbacks highlight the soft-skills (know how to be and know how) that make each of us unique and value-creating.
  • Have you ever been delighted by a collaborator who thanks to his smile, his pro-activity, his listening, his benevolence has made your purchase experience unique, see exceptional !

  • Thks is an incredibly positive and benevolent social and managerial innovation aimed at increasing well-being at work through the recognition of managers and customers.

  An innovative digital solution

You are a client, find the profile of the collaborator on whom you wish to communicate your feedback simply with his name and surname.

The collaborator is found !
You can start your contribution

Taking into account your feedback
which is transmitted in real time
to the collaborator and the manager.

  Data management platform

A powerful management tool focused on the human and customer satisfaction

Each manager has a Human Management platform :

  • Smart and interactive for :

    • View customer feedback in real time
    • Interact with his colleagues, via a playful messenger,
    • Challenge your teams around customer satisfaction.
  • The customer returns allow the manager :

    • A precise and concrete return of the customer experience lived
    • Provide recognition individually to each collaborator and then to the team.
  • Congratulating, encouraging, valuing good internal practices are actions that seem basic and innocuous but are nevertheless real levers of commitment and performance.
Plateforme de Data Management

  Some numbers

Do you know that for the year 2017, the cost of corporate malaise in France represents 12,600 euros / year and per employee? (private sector)

A 2017 Temkin survey of more than 5,000 US consumers showed that the customer experience is significantly better in companies with more than 60% employee engagement.

(Source Temkin Group Employee Engagement Benchmark Study, 2017)

Do you know all the benefits of happiness at work ?

A happy employee at work is :

More creative
More productive
Less sick
Less absent

Recognition at work is one of the three levers of professional development

” Take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers “

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin

With ThKs you will be able :

Commit your customers to thank your employees !

ThKs = Feedback gratitude. Give ThKs !

S'inscrire sur ThKs
  You are :

Employee and find our solution inspiring : create your profile and start receiving your first feedback nominative and personalized! (100% free)

  You are :
  • A company concerned about the well-being of its employees and eager to implement innovative solutions within its organization.
  • One RRH, HRD, CHO, CHM, Manager … and want more information about ThKs.
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And if we asked them what they think …

Témoignage karima T air france

ThKs, created the link between the client and the employee :
my goal when I deal with a client’s request is to respond as accurately as possible to their expectations and to establish a unique and professional relationship for each of them. I was left in memory of warm hearted or difficult customer experiences.

ThKs allowed me to visualize these experiences, thanks to the written feedback of these customers, it brings us together and creates a rewarding link, a moment for oneself. Thanks for that.

Karima T., Air France
Témoignage Patrick Z ccimp

The use of ThKs allowed me to (re) discover the essence of the customer relationship (…). The feedbacks allowed me to capitalize in a qualitative memory all the perceived added value of a relationship and its potential for valorisation both in my activity within my institution and in my connection with my professional ecosystem.

Beyond being a fan, ThKs should be decreed of social utility as a catalyst of empathy and benevolence for a (re) discovery of merit.

Patrick Z., CCIMP

My membership in ThKs comes down to a notion that I believe is and will be essential in the future, THE SERVICE.

During an exchange with a client, partner, company or other, we are all waiting for this “little more” that makes that we keep an indelible memory of this moment together.
The ThKs approach allows me to have this feedback. To know the feeling of this shared moment is for me constructive and indispensable.

Nicolas G., Air France
Témoignage Frederic S Gecia

Thanks to ThKs , my employees are finally valued by the direct return of our customers. I often encouraged them to return directly to my collaborators. This is now possible with ThKs .

My employees have a return and are even more valued than before. They feel concerned and are more and more involved in the quality approach that we are trying to put in place.

Frédéric S., Gecia, public accounting
Témoignage Flore caisse d'epargne

ThKs is above all a personal challenge, which makes it possible to obtain written feedback from its customers.
This pushes me to respond as accurately as the customer’s expectations and to value my customer relationship.

Flore, Caisse d'Epargne CEPAC

They support us

ThKs is the collaborative
experience serving
customer satisfaction.