10 09, 2018

Rethink HR !

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This article was inspired by Stephane Mallard's excellent book "Disruption" *, which was my favorite reading of the summer. I will repeat here several elements that echo my own professional experience within a large group. According to the author, the first mistake of HR lies in recruiting profiles according to specific academic criteria : a degree, a school, a training or minimum academic results. The excellence

8 09, 2018

Thks.fr becomes Thks.live !

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After many months of preparation, ThKs version 2 is finally available!❤ 🤗💫🍾✨ As you know, our first version was very refined and designed to meet the basic needs of our users, namely the ability to give and receive feedback from their customers. This new version has been designed based on your user feedback and feedback from our client companies. You will have a personalized space or view the

30 07, 2018

The power of the compliment and the virtues of benevolence

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"Nothing gives rise to more productivity and commitment than sincere appreciation," says Hans Poortvielt, at the initiative of World Compliment Day in March. "A sincere and personal compliment costs nothing and its impact on the recipient is huge." The compliment and benevolence in business give a balm to the heart! They reinforce self-confidence and above all trust in the relationship to others.

20 07, 2018

The importance of customer relationships

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Companies that have been focused on their products for a long time are now forced to change their priorities by focusing on the needs and expectations of their customers: the need for human contact with listening, understanding, empathy and taking into account its singularity ... And if the new name of the customer relationship was human relationship ?

18 06, 2018

The virtuous relationship between Customer Experience and Collaborator Program Ambassador

By | 2018-08-27T17:40:26+00:00 18 June 2018|Employee Experience|

Companies have massively embarked on digital strategies. It is both a major organizational change and an in-depth evolution of all sales and customer relationships. At the center of these changes, it is the "real" people in direct contact with the customer that we are interested. Indeed, despite an omnipresent place of the virtual, it is above all human relations that are at the heart of customer service.

4 06, 2018

The 7 strengths of a listening manager

By | 2018-08-27T17:44:44+00:00 4 June 2018|Management|

Agile organizations are on the rise. We also talk about agile methods, agile operations, liberated business. What about the job of manager? How is it transformed under the constraint of agility? To increase the virtuous circle of ThKs within your organization, it is necessary that an agile and caring manager accompanies your employees.