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Notre ethique la bienveillance

The human

Valeurs Humaines


La passion

The origin of ThKs

ThKs, just to say thank you

Vacance Floride

In 2015, during a trip to Miami, Guillaume and Estelle meet at a restaurant in Miami Beach and are delighted by a particularly attentive and considerate waiter.

A service worthy of a great restaurant! The next day, they find themselves in the same neighborhood and decide to return to the restaurant, remembering the beautiful evening spent.

From there, they wonder how to thank this waiter who made them once again have a great evening and realize that there is no nominative feedback tool that would directly thank a person.


The feeling of being recognized is powerful, both for those who work within a company and for customers of it. The mistake many companies make is to reward the results as such, rather than the efforts made to achieve them.

Under pressure to evaluate and report, many managers neglect the personal investment a team member makes in his work.

Showing recognition is the simplest and most effective way to prove to a person that their contribution is important and that they, as individuals, are valued for the work they do.

Customers are no longer mere consumers, they are pleasure seekers . They are no longer just interested in the product or service itself, but in the experience of acquiring it .

Today, it’s even what really matters!


All people give the best when they are free to be themselves and have fun in their lives and at work, this is reflected in their performance.

The positive and joyful environments inspire confidence and transcend social divisions, generational barriers and cultural differences. In an open and fun culture, innovation thrives.

The new generation company is no longer found in the traditional recognition systems of the company, constantly looking for new tools to satisfy the well-being of its employees, ThKs meets these new requirements and wants to be an innovative solution, inspiring, empowering and fulfilling! Simply by valuing all interactions, little extras, emotions that emerge from all exchanges with customers.

ThKs is a virtuous circle , an accelerator of benevolence intended to reintroduce the notion of recognition at work, that each employee can accomplish personally in his company.

Guillaume Lambert
President, co-founder

Notre vision


By putting the human at the heart of their strategies, companies draw the outline of a closer management of employees’ aspirations. The creation of value is the fact of individuals , teams and not as efficient equipment as they are.

Innovation comes from the genius of the men and women who make up each organization.

The team

Guillaume Lambert ThKs
Guillaume Lambert

President, co-founder

Estelle Lambert ThKs
Estelle Lambert

Talent Revelator

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