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After many months of preparation, ThKs version 2 is finally available!❤ 🤗💫🍾✨

As you know, our first version was very refined and designed to meet the basic needs of our users, namely the ability to give and receive feedback from their customers.

  • This new version has been designed based on your user feedback and feedback from our client companies.

You will have a personalized space or view the contributions received from your customers, put forward a quote that inspires you, your core values , your hobbies and passions , can be skills +++ and your dream / your dreams (if secretly you caress the dream of going around the world, go on vacation in an ice hotel in Lapland, go see the Taj Mahl …). The interest is to allow your customers to know you better and thus to weave inextinguishable links!🤩👌

  • On the corporate side , you have a Human-Management platform that will allow you to ..

A vitaminized, fresh and inspiring version with a multitude of new features such as:

✅- The sending of a solicitation of feedback to a customer by email
✅- The recommendation of a collaborator to a third party by email
✅- A personal space customizable for each user
✅- The visualization in real time of ThKs received ..


😉For Thks Lovers already registered : you can already complete your profiles and invite your customers to send you their feedback on: *

😏For those who are not registered yet, you can start the adventure on *

👊More information, contact us:

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