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The pleasure of discovering a beautiful article in La Provence that talks about ThKs, thank you! 🚀🤩😊

Innovation: Thks, the company that acts as an “accelerator of benevolence”

Estelle and Guillaume Lambert were made to get along. In the city as in the world of work. This is what we say when we approach them, one and the other, on the stand of their company present at Summer Stadium Job Hopps. Their company? “Thks”, an acronym that sounds like a mark of thanks and gratitude. “It’s just the contraction of Thanks,” says Estelle Lambert, who has rubbed shoulders with her husband in the world of air transport in a not so old life. We work on emotional intelligence, a bit like an accelerator of benevolence. Our mission is to create a link between employees, managers and customers “. Thks, a data management platform established in Saint-Chamas for a year, helps to connect employers and future employees through feedback. “The goal is to value human capital and increase the employability rate ,  adds Guillaume Lambert. This is the example of this employee who struggled to satisfy a customer during the strike of the SNCF and whose kindness is rewarded by a positive return of appreciation. “Recognition at work is one of the levers of professional growth ,  Thks wrote in his presentation charter. A postulate that everyone can check in his daily life.



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